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Sometimes happiness is right in front of you

Holidays in Switzerland

The desire and longing to be pampered after the quarantine and to enjoy a break is very strong for most people! We are in daily contact with our customers and we notice that the need for a change of location is greater than it has been for a long time!

What possibilities do we have for you?

We have signed contracts with various hotels in Switzerland and can therefore put together great offers - adapted to your needs - tailor-made for you.

Are you looking for a beautiful hotel in the mountains with a private yoga course, would you like to enjoy a varied time outside the 4 walls together with the children or are you looking for relaxation while playing golf? We have various "insider tips" and can put together a nice package for you.

Whether you prefer the mountains or the lakes, whether you are looking for a hotel with a private beach section on one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland or rather in a beautiful, untouched valley with few people, we have the right idea and the appropriate offer for you!

Thank you for supporting us even in these difficult times and for remaining loyal to us. Even if you are "only" planning a short holiday of 1-2 nights in Switzerland, we would be happy to be your booking partner!

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