General Terms and Conditions


With the unconditional acceptance of your registration by Polyglott, a contract is concluded between you and the respective organizer (e.g. Kuoni, Hotelplan, Imholz, etc.). These General Terms and Conditions of Contract and Travel form an integral part of this contract.

When making online flight reservations on the Internet, please note that due to the enormous variety of fares, certain very low fares are only valid on certain flight numbers or on defined flight days. This can only be partially recognized by the system (please always refer to the relevant information under "Conditions"). No liability can be accepted for any fares published on the Internet; fares are only binding after invoicing or confirmation by the booking office. Youth and student fares are normally only valid up to the age of 25. Furthermore, the provisions and information in the travel advertisement apply. However, the respective tour operators reserve the right to change the tour description (brochure details, service descriptions and prices in the brochures and on the price lists, advertisements, on the Internet, etc.) prior to your booking.

If Polyglott arranges travel arrangements or individual services for you from other tour operators or service providers, you will conclude the contract with that company and their own contractual and travel conditions will apply. Polyglott is not a party to the contract for all "flight-only services" arranged by Polyglott and the general terms and conditions of contract and travel of the responsible airlines apply exclusively.

Special requests or ancillary agreements are only part of the contract if they have been confirmed in writing and without reservation by the booking office.


The prices for the travel arrangements can be found in the travel advertisement or price list valid at the time of booking. Unless otherwise stated in the description, prices are per person in Swiss francs. All prices include statutory VAT and are cash prices. In addition, an order fee or dossier fee may be charged at the time of booking.
Flight prices are subject to change at any time and without notice.
If only individual parts of a package are booked, if accommodation (with or without transfer) or otherwise a land arrangement without a flight is booked, the respective organizer will charge a reservation fee of up to CHF 150 per person or order. Special booking fees are reserved for services that have not been published by the respective organizer.

Compulsory cancellation insurance (cancellation costs, SOS insurance) will be invoiced at the same time as the arrangement. However, you can submit a waiver at the time of booking if you already have appropriate private insurance. In this case, you are personally liable for all other insured damages and costs. If no specific payment conditions apply to the individual organizers (e.g. for early bird bookings or services with special cancellation conditions in general, for airline tickets issued immediately and admission tickets for events of all kinds), the travel arrangements must be paid as follows before the start of the trip:
- A deposit of 30%, but at least CHF 300 per person upon registration;
- Final payment no later than 28 days before departure.

If you book your trip less than 29 days before the start of the trip, the entire invoice amount must be paid when the contract is concluded.
If payment is not made on time, the organizer is entitled to refuse the travel services.

Unless otherwise agreed, travel and flight documents are usually printed and sent by A Mail approx. 2 weeks before departure. If the booking is made at short notice, the documents can be deposited at the airport of departure.



The respective tour operator reserves the right to change the tour price, the tour program or individual agreed services before the contractual start of the tour. Art. 7-10 of the Federal Law on Package Travel of June 18, 1993 (PRG) are applicable: Prices may only be increased if transportation costs subsequently increase, fees or charges (such as airport taxes, landing fees, taxes) are newly levied or increased or the relevant exchange rates change.

If the change to the contract is significant, you can inform the organizer in writing within five days of receiving notification of the change to the contract that you wish to withdraw from the contract without incurring any costs or that you wish to take part in a replacement trip proposed by us. If you do not notify the organizer within five days, the contract amendment is deemed to have been accepted.



For some of the trips offered by tour operators, a minimum number of participants applies. If this minimum number of participants is not reached, the respective tour operator may cancel the trip up to three weeks before the scheduled start of the trip at the latest. The respective tour operator will refund the tour price already paid. Further claims for compensation are excluded.

If, according to the assessment of the respective tour operator, the execution of the trip is endangered, considerably impeded or made impossible by force majeure, official measures, political unrest or strikes, the respective tour operator may cancel the trip.
The tour operator will reimburse you for the tour price already paid; however, it is authorized to deduct the expenses incurred and to be proven. Further claims for compensation are excluded.



The respective tour operator reserves the right to change the travel program or individual agreed services during the trip if unforeseen circumstances make this necessary. If the trip has to be interrupted or a program change has to be made during the trip that affects a significant part of the trip, the respective tour operator will reimburse you for any objective reduction in value between the paid travel price and that of the services provided.

Flight times can change at any time and must be reconfirmed locally before the return flight. If the travel documents do not contain any special information, a deadline of 72 hours before the return flight applies.



If the contract is not or not properly fulfilled on the spot, you are obliged to complain about this defect immediately to the local tour guide or the local representative of the respective tour operator as well as the service provider and to demand remedy.

If no remedy is provided during the trip or during your stay within a reasonable period of time and the defect is significant, you are entitled to take remedial action yourself. If you have complained about the defect and have received written confirmation of the defect, the organizer will reimburse you for the costs incurred as a result of the defect and for the originally agreed trip.

If it is not possible to remedy the situation or if the defect is so serious that you cannot reasonably be expected to continue the trip or remain at the vacation destination, you must request written confirmation from the tour guide, the local representative or the service provider. However, the tour guide of the respective tour operator, the local representative and the service provider cannot validly accept any claims for compensation. Claims for reimbursement or compensation must be made in writing to the tour operator within one month of the contractual end of the trip. The confirmation of defects from the tour guide, the local representative or the service provider and any evidence must be enclosed.

If you do not report the defects within the specified deadlines, you forfeit the right to redress, self-help, reduction of the travel price, termination of the contract and compensation.



The liability of the respective tour operator is governed by Art. 14 and 15 PRG: The organizer is not liable for indirect damage (e.g. loss of wages or similar). In the case of damage that is not personal injury, the respective tour operator is liable to a maximum of twice the travel price. The special rules set out in sections 3-6 (program changes before and during the trip, cancellation by the respective RBM organizer, loss of services during the trip) shall apply. The liability of other tour operators is excluded in all cases.

If the tour operator is liable for damage caused by contracted companies (hotels, transport companies, etc.), you must assign your claims for compensation to the organizer.

Furthermore, the organizer accepts no liability
- for loss of personal effects, valuables, cash, jewelry, photographic and video equipment, etc. (this regulation also applies to theft from rental cars);
- in the event of loss, theft, damage or misuse of check and credit cards, etc;
- for program changes due to the fact that the timetables of rail, bus, ship or air transport companies etc. have not been adhered to;
- for events and excursions at the vacation destination that you have not booked with the tour guide of the respective organizer or the local representative.


8.1. General cancellation conditions and costs


If you change or cancel a booking, you must inform your booking office in person or by registered letter, stating the reasons. The travel documents already received must be returned to the booking office at the same time. You will be charged a processing fee of CHF 60 per person booked or CHF 120 per order; the cancellation insurance does not cover the processing fee; the corresponding insurance premiums are not refundable under any circumstances. In addition to the processing fees, the following cancellation costs will be charged (exception see Article 8.2):
- Package tours, charter flights and land services: Percentage flat rates on the travel price depending on cancellation before the start of the trip:
- 28-15 days 40%
- 14-08 days 60%
- 07-01 days 90%
- On the day of departure or late arrival or cancellation after the start of the trip 100%
- Last-minute offers and special promotions: 100% from the date of booking
- Scheduled flights: CHF 500, if the ticket has already been issued; except for special fares, for which the airlines do not grant refunds Rebooking of dates and/or routing as well as name changes are regarded as cancellations and new bookings in the Regal.
- Rail tickets: Any reservation fees and cancellation costs on the part of the railroads
- Cancellation costs for tickets for cultural events such as musicals, theater, opera, football, etc.: 100% from the date of booking
The date on which your declaration is received by the booking office shall be deemed to be the date of change or cancellation; in the case of Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the next working day shall be decisive. Art. 17 PRG applies to the nomination of a substitute traveler.



8.2.1. Groups

We reserve the right to apply special cancellation and amendment conditions for groups.


8.2.2. Special cancellation conditions and costs of the respective organizer

The individual tour operator can formulate special cancellation conditions and costs (e.g. in the advertisements such as catalogs, advertisements, in special information sheets, in the booking confirmations, etc.). In this case, they replace those of Article 8.1.


If you terminate the trip prematurely for reasons that are not justified by non-performance or improper performance by the respective tour operator, you will be reimbursed for any services not received, provided they are not charged to the tour operator; the latter is entitled to deduct an appropriate processing fee. Any additional costs incurred as a result of early return shall be borne by you.



For the advertised trips in Europe, citizens of Switzerland and Liechtenstein require a valid passport or a valid identity card. For trips to other destinations (overseas), a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the return date is generally required. You can find out about visa requirements and health formalities at your destination from Polyglott.

Citizens of other countries will be informed about the applicable regulations on request at the booking office.

You are responsible for obtaining the necessary travel documents and complying with entry, health and foreign exchange regulations.



The cancellation insurance invoiced by the respective tour operator or Polyglott covers the costs of cancellation in accordance with sections 8.1. and 8.2. in cases of hardship. Not covered are the processing fees, any excluded services specifically mentioned in the invoice (e.g. theater/opera tickets, football tickets, Disneyland, musicals, etc.) and the insurance premiums for cancellation and extra return travel insurance, which are not refundable under any circumstances.

Cases of hardship include, in particular, illness, accident or death of the travel participant and his/her travel partner or their immediate family members. Proof that a case of hardship exists must be provided in writing and a check by a medical examiner is reserved. Illnesses and accidents that already existed at the time of booking do not count as a case of hardship. The individual provisions are contained in the policy enclosed with the travel documents.

To cover other or further travel risks (e.g. luggage theft, illness and further accident risks, etc.), we recommend that you take out special insurance, unless you have already taken out such insurance with sufficient cover. Please contact Polyglott for more information.


Polyglott Tours & Travel AG and most tour operators are participants in the Swiss Travel Industry Guarantee Fund and guarantee that the amounts paid in connection with the package tour you have booked and the costs of your return journey are covered. Detailed information can be found in the brochure "Guaranteed there and back", which is available from Polyglott or at



The legal relationship between you and Polyglott or the respective tour operator is governed by Swiss law.

It is agreed that the courts of the city of Zurich shall have exclusive jurisdiction for legal action against Polyglott.