Zürich - Johannesbug - Singapore - Perth - Sydney - Auckland - Papeete - Honolulu - Los Angeles - Zürich


Start in Zurich and experience an incomparable journey through some of the most fascinating cities and breathtaking landscapes on earth. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Johannesburg before experiencing futuristic Singapore and enjoying the laid-back atmosphere of Perth. Discover picturesque Auckland after exploring the iconic skyline of Sydney. Enjoy a stopover in tropical Papeete, where you'll be enchanted by the gorgeous beaches and fascinating Polynesian culture, before dropping straight into the relaxed atmosphere of Honolulu. To round things off, experience the exciting energy of Los Angeles and return to Zurich with a suitcase full of experiences.
This itinerary is just an example and can be fully customized to your wishes. Please contact us for advice.

Prices flight tickets

from CHF 4'150.–

from CHF 8'900.–


*These are guide prices to give you an indication.
Prices vary depending on the season and are not binding. Contact us for an exact offer.

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