Zürich - Singapore - Sydney - Auckland - Honolulu - San Francisco - Zürich


Explore the world on an unforgettable journey that combines the diversity of cultures, landscapes and experiences. Our round-the-world route from Zurich takes you to the most fascinating places on earth. Start your journey in the dynamic metropolis of Singapore, where tradition and modernity merge in perfect harmony. From there, continue to Sydney, where you will be enchanted by Australia's breathtaking coastal scenery and vibrant culture. Relax in the laid-back atmosphere of Honolulu. Here, sun-drenched beaches and a true paradise are waiting to be discovered. Then discover the vibrant energy of San Francisco, a city full of creativity, innovation and unmistakable charm.

Our ticket gives you the freedom to explore these exciting cities and write your own unforgettable stories. This itinerary is just an example and can be fully customized to your wishes. Feel free to contact us for advice.


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